Chimney Wildlife Tech

Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431 services as a local chimney sweep Houston. Honest, fast, dependable, knowledgeable, and clean.

Services provided include fireplace and chimney inspections, chimney sweep, tuck points, flashing repaired and replaces, brick work, chimney caps, fireplace panel replacement, dampers, waterproofing, and chimney rebuilds.

A chimney sweep appointment starts with a pleasant greeting at the front door from our uniformed chimney sweeps. The chimney sweep Houston technicians will always first do a proper all point inspection of the fireplace and chimney. Any fire hazard, water leaks, or chimney critters will be identified and estimated for repair. If the chimney and fireplace is in good working order then a chimney sweep cleaning will be completed.

Every chimney sweep is a “No Mess Sweep” guaranteed. Chimney Wildlife Tech starts with placing a large covering down over the front of the fireplace. This insures no soot debris mess on any carpet of furnature. All equipment is brought in and the brushes are run up the chimney flue. Any soot present will fall and be picked up by the chimney vacuum. The firebox and its components will also be cleaned from soot. After the chimney sweep is completed any repairs can be performed.