What to consider when hiring a chimney sweep

What to consider when hiring a chimney sweep.

The select groups of companies that have gone through the recession and actually had business growth are in the chimney industry. Houston having more experienced chimney companies is only good for Houston in every way. Start up business’s go through growing pains and make inexperienced mistakes that can cost the homeowner.

When making your decision in selecting the right choice for hiring a chimney sweep you should consider a few things.

  • Only hire a Certified Chimney Professional or Sweep. Read below why to hire only a Certifed Chimney Professional.
  • How long have they been in business? The chimney business is a hard business to learn. Experience comes from initial training, and then trail and error if they are not on the job trained for at least five years. Do you want to be the trail and error client in their first 5-10 years?
  • Who answers the phone? Mom and pop run chimney sweeps are great, but you want to talk to someone in an office. You do not want to talk to a guy hanging onto a chimney, not safe and his focus should be on his client he is servicing.
  • Ask if they are driving a company truck with logos. All service professionals should be driving a company truck or van. Why? If they can’t afford a truck and put thier name on it, they are not making enough money to be secure in thier business. You want a professional that is secure in his field, not running to the next cutomer to get paid. People have asked me before why do I include this in my writings? Most of the time when I get a service done at my home and they show up in a non-logo’d, rusty, falling apart station wagon that is the kind of service that you get. If they show up in a company van with thier logo on it at least I know they are grounded and probably will do a good job. Chimney sweeps often have employees quit and start their own businesses, yet these employees are not completely trained and drive non-logo’d trucks, are not certified, amd certainly do not have 10 years of experience behind them.
  • Liability insurance coverage.
  • Professionalism. I hear every year a customer that calls in and says they just got off the phone with another chimney sweep and when inquiring about their services the chimney sweep laughed at them that the could no way get to them for 2-3 weeks. Its funny, we hear this alot. Its mind blowing to me that anyone would even consider talking to a customer like that like they wrong for calling late and you should of called much earlier in the season.
  • I cannot stress enough the importance of reviews and associations. The proof is in the pudding. Read what their reviews are and their ratings are online and with association memberships like the BBB, Angies List, or Best Picks Reports.

Why choose a Certified Chimney Professional or Sweep?

When it comes to fire, would you leave your home in the hands of just any guy with a ladder and a brush. What proves her really knows what he is doing? Nothing. A Cerified Chimney Professional or Sweep has studied and passed a rigorous training process and passed the certifiactions test. This fortifies the experienced chimney professional’s knowledge, to prove by independent testing that they have attained a professional level of knowledge of codes, standards, and practices to be able to correctly service and repair your fireplace and chimney. Every Certified Chimney Professional or Sweep has agreed to a “Code of Conduct”. If caught not honoring theis code they will use thier certification.

Houston has benifited with some good quality Dallas chimney sweep services expanding to Houston with all of these qualifications.