Chimney Sweep Houston

Chimney Sweeps in Houston, Texas do more than just sweep.

The chimney sweeps in Houston have had to learn more than just servicing chimneys. The chimney industry has split into several different categories. The categories are service, fireplace sales and installation, and gas logs and related items. Some chimney sweeps only do service, while others can install a fireplace, put a set of gas logs in, and later service that same fireplace.

To be a successful chimney sweep in Houston in the services category you should be a Certified Chimney Professional or Sweep. With this certification they have proven to the customer that they know what the current codes and standards of being a chimney professional are. The chimney professional should know how to…

  • Perform an accurate chimney inspection.
  • Sweep the chimney from all fire hazardous debris.
  • Correctly perform any chimney or fireplace repairs needed.
  • Install or replace any broken chimney or fireplace parts.

Often the consumer of fireplace do not think of a chimney sweep for fireplace sales and installation. Who better to install a fireplace than a Certified Chimney Professional or Sweep. There are many prefabricated fireplace manufacturers that chimney sweeps have accounts to sell and install a new fireplace in your home or outdoor patio. A Certified Chimney Professional or Sweep is trained for the correct drafting for fireplaces making them the perfect source for the correct way to install your new fireplace.

Many chimney sweeps even do chimney rebuilds. If a storm tips over your chimney and the fireplace pipe is blown away contractors have to come to chimney sweeps for the missing pipes. Why not just get the job turn keyed by someone that lives and breathes chimneys? With hurricanes and high winds in Houston, many chimneys sweep can easily find the correct missing parts.

It has been disappointing to me that in the past when I was called out to a clients house to inspect and clean their fireplace to find out they  are having gas logs installed the next day. They purchased the gas logs at a retail outlet that does not even service fireplace or chimneys. I have always found it odd to sell a product that is installed and not service what it is installed into. The fireplace must be swept and declared safe before any gas appliance is installed. Why not ask if the chimney sweep sells and installs what you are looking for? Most chimney sweeps offer a guarantee that the product like gas logs are lifetime warrantied and look as good as any brochure they are sold from. Glass doors are also a product many chimney sweep offer that the average client may not know about. The funny thing here is that most of the chimney sweeps carry the same product manufacturers as the retailers and can offer the product at a discount. Chimney sweeps can offer a discount because they do not have the overhead that a retail outlet has.

Houston has a large amount of rainfall. Chimney leaks and roofing leaks go hand and hand. Many chimney sweep Houston services have learned to repair roof leaks and replace damaged roof shingles.

When hirng a Houston chimney sweep think about what else they can do your your home.